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Shaé Universe has dropped her first single of 2020, the sultry RnB bop, ‘You Lose’. Re-announcing herself in style, Shaé’s latest offering switches between emotive melodies and sharply cut flows, laced with poignant lyrics. “’You Lose’ was written super sporadically, as OJ, the producer of the song, prompted me to experiment with this new sound,” explains […]

Al Miglietta

Al, is living in South Italy, in Adriatic Megalopolis called Salento , he presently tries to find an easy job, like booking-clerk or ice-cream man , but in the long long summer that people lives there, and prefers to do live-set (dj-set or with his band, SYL) on the beaches, have a drink and eat […]

Marco Martire

Since ever involved in the rock/indie scene, Marco worked with a lot of clubs as dj organising several live-set in the best venues of the downtown of Perugia and boasting dj set in London and Cyprus. Since 2 years ago Marco is collaborating with Lottarox trying to hire and to boost up the popularity of cool […]

Gianmarco Amicarelli

Born and grow up in Rome, he starts to moves into the music since the age of 11 playing trumpet in the school orchestra.


Ari is an expert in Communication and Event Management. BA in Politics, Sociology and Communication University “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy, she is actually working between Barcelona and Brussel (in the frame of European Economic and Social Comittee), organizing special events about  culture, music and art. She is responsible for the training of professionals for culture […]