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Shaé Universe has dropped her first single of 2020, the sultry RnB bop, ‘You Lose’. Re-announcing herself in style, Shaé’s latest offering switches between emotive melodies and sharply cut flows, laced with poignant lyrics. “’You Lose’ was written super sporadically, as OJ, the producer of the song, prompted me to experiment with this new sound,” explains […]

Les Françaises terrible conquer London

Parisian-made outfit The Burnin Jacks are one of the most interesting things to come out of the rock’n’roll scene lately. Not only they are opening our BAD GIRLS London night on Thursday, but they also prove they are utterly in love with the British empire… Read the full interview here.

Under the effect of The Hypnotic Eye

Last music revelation from South London, The Hypnotic Eye, are about to headline Lottarox’s new London night and locked themselves in the studio to finish recording their new album, “The optical sound of The Hypnotic Eye” (out in January). Before that, Silvia Suárez catches up with the band’s guitarist Lindsay Murray on creating their own musical genre, oneiric songs and having […]

On the road: Cut Your Hair

Spanish outlet Cut Your Hair successfully presented their single Utah In Pictures (Mushroom Pillow) in the British capital. The Barcelona-bred ones, exclusively brought to London by Lottarox, hit the stage of two of the trendiest places in town: The Lexington and Birthdays. Now they are off to Italy on the 18th, 19th and 20th October. […]

Charmed by Karin Park

We tell you a few reasons to fall for singer-turned-into-actress Karin Park. If you’re lucky enough to be in Rome, head to Anglomania to check it by yourself… By Silvia Suárez.

MiJo speak fashion

Klubb Rottarox upcoming djs and fashionistas reveal us the best kept-secrets of the front row, including french fries and Lana Del Rey. More here. By Silvia Suárez.