News from Mars Day #7

Chad Kroeger + Avril Lavigne. WHART! Now guys, we are not usually childlike gossips, but we had to work really hard to pick our jaw back up off the floor when it dropped at the news these guys were getting engaged. After our incredibly strong crush on Avril as an adolescent (just me?!) we could’t resist spreading […]

News from Mars day #6

Reading & Leeds Festival 2012!   Possibly the most serious and hardcore of the music festivals, Reading and Leeds festival bring the best music along with an unrivalled atmosphere!   Lottarox as always will be on hand to check it out and we are particularly excited to catch The Black Keys + At The Drive […]

Tame Impala discuss new LP! Huge news for fans of the cult psychedelic collective as they also announce new US tour   All details and video here:  

News from Mars Day #4

Our favourite Elliphant is rocking Lecce, Italy and we’re bloody excited! Contronatura festival on the 7th September will be hosting the pop goddess and we have put in all over our diary like a high school crush. Check out her new single and video here. Hot!

News From Mars Day #3

Animal Collective Radio Show! Each member of Animal Collective (Panda Bear, Avey Tare, Deakin, and Geologist) will host an episode, along with guest DJs. Huge radio for huge music fans, read more about it here along with links.

News From Mars Day #2

Muse Goes Dubstep?! News got out recently that Muse could be planning on inviting dubstep to their party on the new album, perhaps inspiring by Korn’s change in Direction. We’re intrigued to say the least. Hear more here